14 February 2022

MTR® System at Futurebuild London


Metal.Ri are attending the Futurebuild 2022, the most important exhibition in Great Britain focused on eco-building.

"Net zero" pioneer, Futurebuild aims to show new techniques, solutions and new building materials, concerning the themes of sustainability and energy efficiency. The construction sector is responsible for around 35% of the world's energy consumption and almost 40% of global CO2 emissions. Zero-impact construction is therefore becoming a primary necessity. The challenge of the future will be to use alternative construction systems to traditional ones.

Metal.Ri will participate by proposing its MTR® System and illustrating the advantages of complete prefabrication of horizontal structures.
With the use of the totally self-supporting MTR® A beam in combination with any type of floor, such as the hollow core slab or the predalles slab, it is possible to considerably reduce the construction time of the entire structure, eliminating the manual work that is usual on traditional construction sites. The formwork and reinforcement are present in a single MTR® element, totally eliminating shorings and wooden panels.
Speed of execution, reduction of work on site and elimination of accessory materials, all contribute to a lower environmental impact and consumption of resources.

Sustainable construction is an issue that Metal.Ri has always focused on. Our presence at Futurebuild will be an opportunity to make our technical expertise known to designers and companies operating in the UK.

The appointment is in London, from 1 to 3 March 2022, at ExCeL London, Stand D 70.