19 June 2019

A prefabricated solution for complex architectural structures


A prefabricated solution for complex architectural structures

Do you know that the MTR® System beams can be shaped or modelled based on the diverse architectural requirements of the project? In fact, some projects require a type of structure with shapes that are different than usual, such as arches, curves, slopes, or staircases.

With MTR® beams there are no design limits! The production flexibility allows to adapt MTR® beams to any geometry type.

Curved beams

The wide range of possible typologies (flat, for pitched roof ridge, arched, arched with cantilever) makes prefabricated MTR® beams capable of satisfying any requirement in the construction sector both from the technical and the economic point of view.

MTR® A and C beams combine self-support, reinforcement, and formwork in a single element. By choosing these beam typologies, you will spare formwork and shoring, particularly annoying and burdensome when it comes to complex architectural structures. Every building can be designed and realised exploiting the technical characteristics of a single MTR® beam typologyor using more typologies at the same time.

Staircase shaped beam 1

Any beam of the MTR® System can be worked in the shape and size required directly in the production centres. Thus, what is left to do will be the laying, the assembly of the additional reinforcement, and the concrete casting, guaranteeing simplicity and safety. A further certainty for your building site in terms of material employed, costs and realisation times.

Bent beam
Staircase shaped beam 3
Curved beam 1
Curved beam church 2
Staircase shaped beam 2
Ribbed beams
Bent beam
Curved beam church 1