14 June 2017

Refurbishment of the town theatre of Putignano with the MTR® System


Refurbishment and renovation of the town theatre of Putignano (province of Bari), which have affected the total demolition of the slabs, preserving only the external walls of the historical building, whose construction dates back to the first half of the 1800s.
The executive project has involved the use of the MTR® System as an alternative to the traditional system.
Most of the slab structures have been realised with MTR® A Beams, totally self-supporting in all construction phases, with a span of 12.5 m, in combination with different slab typologies, according to the various construction requirements.

The slab of the Gallery Zone has been realised with a frame of primary and secondary MTR® A Beams in combination with a collaborating trapezoidal sheet slab. A “super light”, totally self-supporting solution, without shoring and formwork, with the peculiarity and complexity to generate a sloped slab (from 3.17 to 5.45 m).

The slab of the Practice Room has been realised with MTR® A Beams, with net span of 12.5 m, in combination with a hardy slab, with the advantage of eliminating all the formwork and using shoring for slabs only.
On the stage, at a height of +15.85 m, a deck has been realised with primary MTR® A Beams and HE steel profiles to create a frame. All of this with the purpose of placing the electromechanical stage pulley system, with an accidental overload of 1000 kg/m2.

Total self-support, absence of formwork and contained heights, essential to stay within the project parameters.
For the covering deck of the Stage Tower, the designers have combined MTR® A Beams (with net span of 12.5 m) with a lightened and insulated slab.

Designers and executing company have been able to appreciate the choice of the MTR® System, which has proven to be successful thanks to numerous structural advantages and has been able to guarantee sure times and safety throughout the construction.